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    Well i like riding and building bikes and camping at the oregon coast. As a family we have several bike i have a 421 cub thats an 04 that I ride a 05 stock banshee and I am building another banshee for my daughter a 05 raptor 350. We ride often and love the Oregon dunes!!!

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    04 red and white. 421 cub. Shearer in frames 34 PJ carbs +6 timing dual K&N filters 8 over swing arm. It is ugly but I ride the shit out of it!

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  1. Just a question when you had issues if I have been so helpful in the past why would you not have picked up the phone and called me like every other time? If the clutch was slipping then when you pulled it out it is going to look like hell that is what happens when they slip it makes them look like crap. I would have sent you as many jets as you wanted for free would not have been a issue at all. I shipped you a intake and other things out before you even mailed me a check to pay for them so why would I have had a issue with sending you jets? The internet is a great place to start typing and ma
  2. So I am the person who built this motor. I am Brian Eoff just to be clear. I can promise you that I did not put the used clutch back in your motor and I certainly did not keep the BP racing clutch that came with your kit. I have spoken to you many many times on the phone I have been 100% helpful in any question you had before and after the build. You told me you could not find the jet kit I told you I was certain I had shipped it and ask you to look again and you never called back so I assumed you found it. I would be more than happy to send you jets that is not a issue. I installed that engin
  3. HAHA I am guessing that would be no boots
  4. Where the hell is Green at?? No one wants to see dude with there fat bellies sticking out
  5. Shoot us a pm here or at West Coast ATV Parts on facebook we have a 10 super we could hook you up with https://www.facebook.com/West-Coast-ATV-Parts-921059324643894/
  6. https://www.facebook.com/West-Coast-ATV-Parts-921059324643894/ We have lots of stock headlights in stock
  7. West Coast ATV Parts on facebook we have both axles you are looking for. https://www.facebook.com/West-Coast-ATV-Parts-921059324643894/
  8. I messaged you on our West Coast ATV page we have a very nice low hour crank we will trade you .
  9. I just looked through 68 pages to find out this build is still not done!!! Holy hell man what the fuck?
  10. Green you never got back to me you dick!
  11. This what you are looking for?
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