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  1. On the top of the piston there is something that looks like a thick quarter. On top of that is a cap. In my case, both came out when I took the pads off. I put them back on, so it's not that important, I was just curious. I've looked at the microfiche and don't see them.
  2. I went back out to the garage and removed the parking brake and then the I was able to compress the piston all the way in. Shown in red in the pic. The outside portion goes in as well. Once I did this, the pads fit fine and I was riding. Thanks for the help. Does anyone know what the "button" and cap inside the red are for? Looks like mine was glued at one point, but now it will just fall out when the pads are out.
  3. gusto - can you tell from the photo if it should be in further? bansheeandrider - did this already, thanks. Thank you for the help.
  4. Aftermarket pads. Good thought. The piston is in as far as I can get it. (out approx. 1mm as shown in photo) Yes, cap off both reservoirs. Disk does not appear warped. Thanks guys!
  5. Hi Gents, I'm trying to install a new set of rear brake pads. Typically a dead simple job. I've opened the caliper using a c-clamp so that only about 1mm is out, as shown in the attached photo. Despite this, there is not enough room between the new pads for the disc. I checked the brake pads and they are the correct ones. Any ideas that the hell is going wrong? I must be losing my mind. Thanks.
  6. doug

    Elka Legacy Series - Anyone have these?

    The gentleman I dealt with for the return was fine. I wish that the setup had worked and the experience with "tech support" wasn't so shitty. To the guy who mentioned Canada. I would like to point out that Elka is the only manufacturer that I could find that offered a complete setup that included front and rear in the factory geometry. Works told me they may be able to build a front set this summer and Fox was fronts only as well. It doesn't make sense to me to only do the front suspension. Anyway, just wanted to share my final thoughts on this. Have a great summer of riding guys. I had my 'shee out yesterday and it felt great. If sure would be awesome if we had dunes up here though.
  7. Is anyone running the Carbon brake pads from EBC? https://fortnine.ca/en/ebc-x-series-carbon-brake-pads
  8. doug

    Elka Legacy Series - Anyone have these?

    Who knows. This was just my experience.
  9. doug

    WTB: Complete rear tail light.

    - I'm after a rear tail light setup with the bracket, etc. for my '06 shee. - I need all parts shown in the attached photo. - This tail light has the brake light. - Looking for very good condition. - Must be willing to ship. Thank you.
  10. I don't ride much these days, thanks guys. I'll pickup some EBC and pay better attention to what I'm doing with my boots. Thanks guys!
  11. what do you recommend for rear brake pads guys? Maybe I'm using them too much, but I see to be going through a set every two summers.
  12. doug

    Elka Legacy Series - Anyone have these?

    Hi Guys. Reporting back finally. - I received and installed the Elka legacy series shocks. They looked beauty and the quality seemed really high. - The front shocks did not fit if I had the shock protectors on though. I paid extra for the protectors and was told that they should be installed. - The rear shock looked as though it was flat and that bike sank in the rear end. Clearly a problem. I had friends take a look to ensure I wasn't wrong. - The tech support I received from Elka was very poor. I learned through an email sig. that the tech support I received was from a sales guy. While trying to convey the issues, I was made to feel like I was in a courtroom defending myself, despite my best efforts to clearly convey the issues I was experiencing. I even had a good friend, who is quite familiar with aftermarket suspension setups, call and this tech support fella would not even give him the the pressure that the reservoir was supposed to be at for the rear. The hope was that we could check it and, if needed, send it back and have it "pumped up" or just do it ourselves. - So, I never used the shocks at all. I felt that if this is how I was being treated before I even had the suspension setup and install correctly, imagine how I'd be treated if I had a problem in the future. Not what I expected when blowing $1700CDN on aftermarket suspension. - I took the suspension off the bike, packed it all back up and returned it. I'm glad to be out of it. I reinstalled my factory suspension and was just out for a rip yesterday. The weather here in Ontario, Canada is still pretty cold. I hope that this saves someone some time. I may work up the courage to try this again with another company someday.
  13. $100.00CDN Brand new, never installed http://www.cascadeinnovations.net/store/single_Item_Display.cfm?STORE_item_ID=546&department_id=16&area_id=3&search=EXC-2 ocated in Ontario, Canada. Will ship, with pre-payment.
  14. doug

    Elka Legacy Series - Anyone have these?

    Well boys, I bit the bullet and ordered a set of Elka's - Legacy Series "Plus" which gives me rebound control on the fronts. I'll let you know how I make out. If nothing else, they should look good.