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  1. These baskets have proven to be very very durable on all builds. Jerry
  2. Yes they are on the shelf next to the carbs. We have been swamped the last 3 years and the carb is a big big project. We may pick up both these projects in the next year. Jerry
  3. We got very busy and had to shelve this for now. We were at the point of machining and wanted to make some changes but got too busy to do so. Jerry
  4. Ducman, I was not trying to take sides but was wanting customers to realize that there bad customers who scam and dealers can not eat the cost of every scam. Dealers are selling at cut throat prices because of Chinese parts already. You are obviously a good customer. I just want good customers to give a little leeway at times knowing dealers (most dealers) are doing the best they can while trying to stay in business and not get hurt from scammers. Jerry
  5. TDR is a stand up shop for sure. It is difficult to always accept blame and the expense for products sold being damaged etc. Most of the time most shops will just suck it up even if it is a scam. Even a scammer will get on forums and complain. In no way I am saying this person is a scammer with the piston but there is a lot of scams out there. Jerry
  6. Try Gordon composites for carbon. As far as cutters another option that I have used and works well is diamond grit tooling. Another option instead of carbon is epoxy board. You can find a chemistry sink manufacturer and buy reject countertops or cutouts pretty cheap and it is essentially the same as carbon. I think weight is about the same as well. The difference is you won't likely have the fiber in it. I have machined that as well with diamond grit cutters. Dirty Dirty stuff to machine.
  7. We are still swamped so it will be a few more months unfortunately. Jerry
  8. I need a stock crank in good shape. Price or trade for our stuff. thanks Jerry
  9. I am looking for a good condition stock crankshaft. Please no question if the crank condition is good. Anyone who wants to trade for parts let me know. Jerry
  10. We also can use a 90 degree straight down fitting for cheetah cylinders where the hose comes up just like stock. Won't work on dm because no space between cages.
  11. These are not our domes. These are domes made for all the current dm and cheetah heads by others. What I am showing here is that all the domes I have measured were .002" diff at least and for this cylinder where the one center stud sits on the edge of both domes this is a problem. Our domes, when we made them were always right on the money. Jerry
  12. Had to put the covers on back burner for now. We are swamped with work and there is still a lot of work on the ocvers left. Jerry
  13. A couple other points to make here. We tightened up the water flow so more is forced into the cylinder around the exhaust. We also machined the head at the top of the dome to the correct size so that the domes will not leak coolant here. Lastly we made the angle fitting in two pieces so that we could avoid the bolt from cutting off coolant flow. Look inside the angle fittings on other dm heads and you see about 20% of the flow is blocked. Not good for an engine that creates so much heat. Jerry
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