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  1. Fearnot

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    Tried kicking over a CR500?
  2. Fearnot

    Aftermarket Headlight Options

    Recently I've seen a Baja racer's banshee with 2x Baja Design Squadron's LED's in place of the stockers with a OnX6 6 bulb amber clamped to the handle bars. You'll need some wattage to run that setup though.
  3. Fearnot

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    521 YFShee in the works?
  4. Fearnot

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    Some people like those pipes so much they we're willing to give a crackhead 20 grand to reproduce them from a trailer in his backyard.
  5. Fearnot

    Magura hydraulic clutch

    Have you inspected the cable for wear or properly lubricated it? Buy a motion pro cable luber and if it's still an issue you have something more serious going on internally.
  6. Fearnot

    Getting my shocks rebuilt any suggestions

    I doubt it will be cheaper but I've liked using Derisi suspension. If you need the shocks back quickly for a race he can expedite the turn around and he's willing to do custom builds which I haven't found a lot of guys willing to do.
  7. Fearnot

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    Oh baby
  8. Fearnot

    More pt mids for sale

    I love these pipes for a modded stock cylinder it picks up right at the very bottom of your throttle and if you ride woods it's always right where you want it.
  9. Fearnot

    Banshee-related shitposts

    My friends banshee is way faster than my 300ex what do I need to do to make it faster?
  10. Fearnot

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

  11. Fearnot

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    Sign of the end of days. 100% hellspawn-disgusta-bug.
  12. Fearnot

    New to me ‘01 banshee

    I have an 01 also, love the year and black/white combo. Looks like you got a good one and a great place to start.
  13. Fearnot

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    A big blow torch and some gasoline will fix anything.
  14. Fearnot

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    It's been magic erased and soft scrub bleached so much there is no shine left on the white.