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  1. Fucking claude, got me again, thought i was clicking on cooking thread
  2. Wilson combat, Ed brown, or STI would be my choices.
  3. I carried a Foxx for a while. bang for the buck they arent bad and they ship very quickly. My biggest complaint about hybrids is reholstering they can be a pain in the ass expecially when they get old and the leather gets too compliant. they are also fucking huge. Im a bigger dude and the g19 hybrid from foxx wraps from my back pocket all the way around to my front pocket. That mother fucker must wrap clear around your skinny ass juan.
  4. buncha fuckin party poopers in here. Im eating candy till i puke.
  5. Shit sorry i dont have an answer on the blades but i have a very similar problem. Fucking ground squirrels get the almonds out of the orchard and make a mess of everything. Killl trees, undermine everything. Ive started poisoning them with a mix of oatmeal and plaster of paris. I dont have to worry about the blood thinner poisons going up the food chain and seems to be suppressing them pretty well. I just put the mixutre in some dispensers i made out of 4" drain pipe so the dogs cant get to it.
  6. Normally yes but this week its been in the high 80s, ill have to check the forecasts but it never really gets that cold here. No snow and we will only get a few days in the 30s or colder, mostly 40s. I will try the taller fescue, i like it cut longer anyway it seems to keep the weeds out better.
  7. Dwarf fescue/kentucky blue grass. Sandy soil no organic material. Got hit with a rust in spring and really fucked up some areas. I didnt really take much care of it this year so it got kind of rough. I have been hammering it with fertilizer to try and bring it back and most is doing well but the thin areas look like shit
  8. Ive got some really thinned out areas, is now a good time to overseed or should i wait until spring?
  9. I can not compare a LT banshee either but my banshee is +2+1, elkas, bla bla bla. My stock YFZR way out handles it. i can only imagine the yfzr with the same amount of money into suspension
  10. You'll love it. I carry at 3-4 oclock but usually carry a G19. I gave the 42 to my dad after about 3-400 rounds because he really wanted it and i wasnt carrying it. I just feel better having the shield in 9mm. May grab a G43 but the shield has been working so well hard to justify. There are some good 380 ammo choices specifically for the g42 because it will handle hotter ammo than most 380s. Precision one makes a 42 loading using 95gr XTPs and the fiocchi extrema with the 95gr XTPs are supposed to perform great
  11. I like the 42 at first i was kind of cold to it. Its pretty big for a 380 so it doesnt really work for a pocket gun imo but definitely hides well in a holster. The thing about the extra size though is its very shootable. It also eats up just about every ammo ive thrown through it and not very many 380s i have shot are that way. I think you will dig it.
  12. The shield is a great gun in 9mm, I carry one all the time if im not carrying my glock 19 and sometimes as a back up to my 19. Not a big fan of 40 in the shield but honestly 200 bucks is a great deal so you really cant lose. You could flip it if you dont like it. As far as holsters i am a fan of kydex. JM custom kydex, NSR tactical, Greenforce tactical, Omega holsters are some i use regularly. There are a million kydex benders out there. I prefer "pull the dot" soft loops or hard loops on my holsters. I do not like clips of any sort on a holster as they always work their way off the b
  13. You just described every gathering of people ever organized when there is some money involved. lol
  14. Not uncommon out here at all. I specifically asked for it when we designed our house. Really nice for future maintenance/ repairs or modifications. I can access all my plumbing and can run electrical/AV anywhere just by crawling under house. Its also really nice for pest control as i can spray/fumigate under the house to keep insects under control easier as i live in the middle of an orchard.
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