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  1. Debo

    10mill Crank

    Hey guys. Thanks a bunch for all the help. I got one situated before I left the country. Sorry it took me so long to reply back. Thanks again!
  2. Debo

    10mill Crank

    Billy, Sent you a pm. Interested in the rebuilt one.
  3. Debo

    10mill Crank

    I need a 10mill crank with 115 rods. New or used. No junk or I'll hunt you down and break your forearms in front of your mother and let my dog hump your girlfriend/wife. FYI... I travel international consistently for business. My responses may be sporadic but my money isn't. Thank you. Debo
  4. Debo

    pink banshee pics

    Billy, here is a site I am using to get some ideas for my current build. Not all of the colors have "real" samples but a lot of the most common ones do. It's helped me out quite a bit so far. Not sure who you are planning on using but I think a couple powder guys in PDX use these swatches as well. http://www.prismatic...coating-colors/
  5. Debo


    Good job Cammie. Gonna post up the sheet for the 10SW you dyno'd last weekend? Or does the current "owner" wanna keep that under wraps?
  6. Bump for a guy that likes to run up auctions.
  7. Debo

    1-5 N Down Tranny

    Just like it says. Need a 1-5 N down. All parts. Shift drum and all gear sets. Lemme know whatcha got. Thanks. -Debo
  8. My wife runs those same carbs (35mm Air Strykers) setup for alky with billet bowls on her Redline ported 4mil with in frame CPIs. No pump. It's plenty of carb. 39's would probably be better but she doesn't ride much anyway. If you just want to test it out and see if you like it (which you will) then you should be fine. Just make damn sure you get a reputable builder to set them up for you.
  9. Debo

    10 mil super cub complete

    I've seen this bike run. Arlo has a lot of fast stuff. Whoever buys it WILL be happy. Good luck with the sale Sir.
  10. Debo

    JJ&A Axle

    No need anymore. I have a brand new one coming. Thanks for the help and offer Green.
  11. Debo

    JJ&A Axle

    Gimme a call when you have time Green. I'd like to get this soon if you can. My chassis should be done this week and I'm itching to get it done so I can beat on it a little bit before sending it off for powder.
  12. Debo

    JJ&A Axle

    I'm actually wanting the hillshooter shaft now. Took some measurements yesterday and that is what I prefer now.
  13. Debo

    JJ&A Axle

    Sweet. PM sent.
  14. Debo

    JJ&A Axle

    As the title says I am looking for a complete JJ&A, all Banshee hubs, axle in either drag or hill shooter width. I prefer the drag width but a hill shooter width will work just fine. Need a carrier too. Thanks guys. -Debo