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  1. wiseguy

    White oem plastics

    I'll update with pictures. I don't have the originals which is why I'm ordering them. Nothing to compare it to. I'm running 96 plastics now which I got at a heck of a deal, but i want to go back to original. This was the last fender. Now I need the decal kit.
  2. wiseguy

    White oem plastics

    Are you saying 02 and 06 were the same, but 04 and 05 were different than 02 and 06? I know they have different part numbers but I couldnt find an 02 rear fender. I just ordered an 06. Hopefully it looks good. It's the only white piece on the 02.
  3. wiseguy

    White oem plastics

    Are all banshee white plastics the same shade of white throughout the years? Would an 06 rear fender be the same shade of white as an 02 rear fender?
  4. wiseguy

    Banshee bogs on take off.

    It's removed, but I dont know if it was done properly. I bought the banshee like this.
  5. wiseguy

    Banshee bogs on take off.

    Did you ever figure this issue out? I'm having the same problem. No leaks, stock motor, compression 120s, timing +4, FMF pipes, clean carbs, proper jets, open filter box, v force 4s. Have to rev high to get it to take off without dying.
  6. wiseguy

    feels sluggish

    OK thanks. Will check.
  7. wiseguy

    feels sluggish

    Fuel, plugs new, filter clean. No mouse nest.
  8. wiseguy

    feels sluggish

    Completely disassembled the carbs to clean not sure about the slides. Would that cause power loss?
  9. wiseguy

    feels sluggish

    I hadn't ridden my banshee in over a year. Its been garage kept. I cleaned the carbs and it starts right up but I'm losing power the higher I shift. Could it be the compression? Any ideas?
  10. wiseguy

    Imperial Sand Dunes passes BS

    What's up Mikey? This is Isaac. The price hike sucks, but no matter what I'll pay. I love that place. And if it gets too expensive, there's always el golfo...
  11. wiseguy

    Imperial Valley Dunes

    Is anyone going to the dunes in California Thanksgiving weekend? I think my family is all backing out, but I'm still going with a few friends. The more, the merrier right?
  12. Where are you from? I go to el Golfo every chance I get.

  13. Going to Glamis for Thanksgiving weekend.

  14. wiseguy

    I'm embarrased, but help.

    I used to ride out by Hasayampa, but I heard of people getting tickets. Then I used to go to Watson road north of the I10, but then I heard friends of mine getting tickets. I'm riding out by deep rainbow somewhere now. Where do you ride in town? Or out of town? I go to glamis and buttercup, but my favorite place is el golfo de santa clara in mexico.
  15. wiseguy

    I'm embarrased, but help.

    well I decided to wait on the port job. Im definitely doing the timing, reeds, and rejetting it for now. I heard Chariot timing plates were pretty good. Also, the vforce 3 reeds. Oh and I'm gonna lose the TORS and remove the air box. 2 UNI filters? I also heard K&N's get to much sand in them. I do mostly dune riding in Mexico, AZ, and CA.