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  1. RagunCajun

    10mil Serval cylinder for motorbike

    I would considering waiting until the PV cylinders are realeased. My bike above is the blue curve on the dyno chart. I dont understand the difference between in feel a PV and non521 serval. So what ill do is ill call redline later this year and have Cameron explain the difference in feel and ride ability to me like he did before he built the current engine for me.
  2. RagunCajun

    Banshee cylinder information thread

    If you'd like to share info on them, I'll add it. Most of the info I posted is from a lot of messeging people, builders and shops. Looking at a post on the hq fb group, looks like I need to add chubby cubbys
  3. Yes a cheap ebay one I'm sure there has to be better led tail lights available. Now that I know the conversion and wiring works well, I am not afraid to waste money on something more expensive. The ebay headlights suck too. I'll get some rigid pods if I ride at night more.
  4. RagunCajun

    10mill DM or supercub on pumpgas?

    Wouldn't pump gas be bad since it will probably be wot all the time for a long time therefor be more prone to detonate? If I remmeber right, I can't do that with mine. I asked.
  5. I installed my JL engineering dc conversion a month or two ago. It works great with my led headlights and brake light. I floated the ground on my stock stator. There's no way in hell I'm using anything but an oem stator on my banshee. John at JL also provided excellent communication if that matters.
  6. RagunCajun

    10mill DM or supercub on pumpgas?

    I understand where it makes power and how much is important but to someone like me who doesn't understand how it translates to seat of the pants, it is not a big deal to me. Which I explained in the quoted posted you quoted me on.
  7. RagunCajun

    10mill DM or supercub on pumpgas?

    That's my engine on his chassis dyno. It's a very fun engine that makes just dumb power for the playing around I do. Cam was told I did not and still don't care about dyno numbers. I don't understand how dyno numbers feel when riding. People see it did 109/57 peak and flip out but they don't realize how nasty the tq is under the curve. The mid range is just insane. I went on a safe pump gas because I ride very little and didn't want to mess with race fuel anymore. I absolutely love my engine. Give redline a call and discuss your wants and needs. That helped me determine what I wanted. Since you are doing pavement stuff, I'd assume mph matters. It doesn't to me but I have to open it up every now and then just for the hell of it. My bike with 14/41 did 92mph a few weekends ago and I didn't hold it wot long at all. I short shifted 5th bad and pulled 6th for about 4 seconds. It's turning 22" cst pulse tires. I have a 15t and 16t front sprocket but my bike is geared for 1st-4th fun so it's fine.
  8. RagunCajun

    finishing my long serval build

    I finally got to bring the bike to my folks house yesterday. The field was dry enough. I decided to open it up. I didn't hold it long wot but it hit 92mph with 14/41 gearing. I don't plan to change gearing nor tires. The bike handles well, hook well enough for its power and the gear spread is nice. However the front end tends to be a little lite when going over bumps at 75+. With that said, I'm very glad I did full suspeison and freshened up the whole thing for a more stable and safer experience. I am looking into a better pad compound and perhaps swapping out my Jds rotors for something better. I want more stopping power. I'm going to bleed my brakes a little more to see if by some chance I have a tiny air bubble left.
  9. RagunCajun

    finishing my long serval build

    I didnt weigh it. It's very little even with the electric box thing it comes with. It's not like a lawn mower battery that used to be more common.
  10. RagunCajun

    finishing my long serval build

    Installed the JL engineering DC conversion(floated my stock stator), ebay brake light kit(works with my yfz450 front master). I found engine has been on 5.5* of timing. Always thought it was 4* for some reason. Went back to 5* when i put it back together. I hear Rigid makes really good LED spot pods but ill try mine first. I really dont ride at night. I'm not sure what's next for this bike besides wiring up the brakes lights to work with the rear brake. Here's a boring video https://youtu.be/greJTyq_dsw edit* next addition will be a lockup cover. Id hate for the round insert to come loose AGAIN and ruin riding for the day.
  11. RagunCajun

    finishing my long serval build

    Seems 521's are the new 4 mils. I'm glad he's getting more business. Wonder if me mentioning it helped. Got four new lights in from ebay today. Just the same Cree headlights I have in it now. Still waiting on my JL dc conversion. I found my LED brake light in my parts bin so that hopefully fits with my pmr bumper.
  12. RagunCajun

    finishing my long serval build

    Got pics or videos? there's not many engines like this around that get posted.
  13. RagunCajun

    finishing my long serval build

    I finally ordered the JL d/c conversion. I will do that, put on rear brake light, wire it all up so i can have head and brake lights. I think i had my harness built for it and accept my yfz450 front brake switch. I had the harness built to accept a light bar but i do not like how it blocks air flow. Plus i dont really ride at night much. and it would be hideous. I also widened my rear one more spacer since i now have a little trailer and dont have to squeeze it into my truck. I also had to heat up my rear plastics so the stingers would stop pushing them out. The only thing i want to do next is an all black gripper seat. I slide too easy on my current seat cover when i crack the throttle open.
  14. RagunCajun

    finally got them

    That has to be the best sounding pipe out there. Bike seems very responsive. Id try out a set if my engine was small enough. My favorite part of the videos is when you can see your shadow of you holding the camera facing backwards. Awesome! DMC needs to make some big bore pipes!
  15. RagunCajun

    Stainless steel bolts too long?

    Grinding bolts to me is easy but id have them send you the correct hardware. You could possibly hurt the what they are screwing into and that isnt work it imo.