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  1. Last price drop before I keep them - $600 + shipping/fees.
  2. 25x12-9 16 paddle SLS Staggered Terrain Traks - 82 RO carcass. 9x9 Douglas .125 blue label wheels, drag cut, Yamaha pattern (4/115). One of the lightest big Terrain Trak combos you can get. Wheels are plasti-dipped flat black over polished aluminum (removable). Like brand new, only 8 passes on them, all paddles still have nipples No holes, dents, dings, leaks, etc...no junk here. Bought these brand new from John at Sand Toyz last year thinking Bedford or a couple other groomed clay tracks around the area would have 300' races...and nope. Price is $700 + actual shipping cost and Paypal fees. No
  3. Long shot...but figured I would ask...are you willing to part the hubs?
  4. Yeah, they've gone up in price quite a bit, unfortunately. If you change your mind on your 16's, lemme know Tyler!
  5. Yeah I know it...as of recently, they do make the 22" carcass in the 76RO variety - and I can get them from John at Sand Toyz ($$$)...I'm just being a cheap azz and trying to save some $$$ by buying used if at all possible.
  6. Looking for a couple sets of tires/wheels (must be new or like new): 16 paddle SLS staggered extremes 24x11-10 77RO on 10x10 drag cut blue labels - Yamaha bolt pattern 12 paddle SLS staggered extremes 22x11-8 76RO on 8x8 uncut blue labels - Honda bolt pattern (or room to drill for Honda bolt pattern) LMK what you have - text: 54zero-8four7-247zero
  7. Those turbo chassis frames are sick - have seen a couple of them in person.
  8. Thanks Bucky. You coming to Newtown this weekend for the 2-day summer nationals? Paddles...Extremes.
  9. I've run them...they are kinda like an expensive version of a wide pro wedge 1 - IMO.
  10. I've had good luck w/ 25" staggered Terrain Traks on hard pack:
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