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  1. jamie

    BansheeHQ - Site Maintenance Tonight!

    Wow loads of beneficial info.| Lovely info. Thanks! - http://www.viagrabelgiquefr.com/
  2. jamie

    looking for .... stock shifter and skid plate

    Truly loads of fantastic advice.| Nicely put. Many thanks! - http://www.viagrabelgiquefr.com/
  3. jamie

    Lets see Your Pet

    my bull terrier!
  4. jamie


    anyone know where this hose goes or comes from?
  5. jamie


    im not sure but it looks like a hose goes on this nippel, for maby a fuel return or something. it the one on the very bottom of the carb bowl, and it is leaking gas o ut of it.
  6. jamie


    where does the hose go that comes off the very bottom nipple of the carb, that points out to the right side of the atv? i guess it fell off on the last ride, and it poors gas when im riding. :shoothead:
  7. jamie

    firing probs?

    last night my banshee was running great, then i go to slow and make a right turn and it cuts slap off!?! so i pull it back up to my truck and change the plugs. kick it, nothing! its getting fuel but no fire whats the deal??? could my coil whent bad?
  8. jamie


    :biggrin: sell/trade pinding till this saturday... thankz :biggrin:
  9. jamie


    im guessing $3000. is that a good deal?
  10. jamie


    anybody want it?
  11. jamie


    i wish i could, but my job as a repo man has got me working day and night. i would like to get a banshee tho, there just so hard to find around here. just like the two stroke i guess. man i just found out i live over 13hrs from you!!!
  12. jamie


    PA is a long trip from my home, but i would like to have your banshee! as for the price im not sure? i guess make an offer...
  13. jamie


    i have a 2004 yfz450 4 sale runs good, like new. THIS IS A FAST ATV!!! ENGINE: PISTON CAM JET KIT EXHAUST: FULL HEADER BACK FMF TITANIUM 4 3+ RACING A ARMS TAG METALS HANDLE BARS & BAR CLAMP FACTORY EFFEX "FX" FRONT BUMPER PLASTICS & SEATCOVER 10 INCH DOUGLAS WHEELS the reason for selling, i found a BANSHEE for sale in my area... or if anyone has a banshee for trade... (678) 858- 3348 Jamie