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  1. I think it's safe to say we have some very talented and hard working people on this site.
  2. 421 Serval Cub in the works

  3. Not the back braking shit you guys do but its still work
  4. Ok, so I talked to Jeff and I am sending my cylinders in. He is going to see what can be done with them and If the transfers are too tall there may be a 4mil Serval in the future
  5. I did a leak down test and it held air all day. It was knocking like a mofo. Pulled it apart to find a scared up piston and cylinder on the right side. And I believe I found the culprit...there was a couple grains of sand in the right side main and pilot jets plugging them.
  6. So is it really just not worth buying a new stock stroke crank and doing the top end?
  7. Oh, I didn't think you could go to a stroker crank with stock cylinders once they've been ported..?
  8. Fast Dune port. They need to be bored. At 64.75 now
  9. I have a ported stock cylinder motor on a stock t&w crank and I think one of the rod bearings went along with a piston on one side. So what is my best option? Replace, Rebuild, Time to go 4 mill??
  10. You want to swap cylinders to avoid buying race fuel? ...am I confused here? at 160-170 you should be able to get away with a 50/50 mix pump/race gas.
  11. Now I wish I would have made more of them..$
  12. Sending you those 33 PWK's soon Jeff. I just need to gut em and ship em. -Ryan
  13. I'll be getting it for xbox 360, just not right away. I used to live on Black opps-Hard core TD. But with my new job I barely get to play anymore.
  14. Looks sharp. Some new shoes would really set it off.
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