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  1. I ordered a motion pro on ebay and received it like 3 days later. Super easy to use.
  2. I was skeptical but it all worked out perfectly. Had all new oem plastic within a few days. Usually you can find one of the Puerto Rico guys selling new plastics on ebay.
  3. Keep an eye on Ebay, facebook and craigslist is pretty much all you can do.
  4. To my knowledge no one is currently making the purple fenders. Used is the only option. I just had a set of 08 orange oem fenders with black tank/grille shipped to me from Puerto Rico.
  5. I'm looking at a 90 banshee that the kid ran out of gas and locked up. What would need to be done to fix it? And what did he all do for damage.
  6. Well I talked to the guy today and he really liked the looks of the predator from the pictures I sent him. The thing is I work out of town all week till Thursday night, and he lives like 3 hours away. So hopefully next Friday I'll get to go see it and decide if I do want to trade. Another question, I've heard with two strokes that once you blow them up and rebuild them, they just seem to keep blowing up, any truth to that? And I was looking at one on craiglist and the guy said he changed the motor oil and tranmission oil regularly? On my predator there isn't motor and transmission, its the sam
  7. You guys are giving me great info. I live in southern Minnesota and do a good bit of trail riding and jumping and what not, but love to go fast. I like the predator, but it seems like it costs a LOT to mod it, and the gains aren't that great. Please keep the info coming.
  8. I just don't see why everyone wants yamaha to redo the banshee and bring it back with a motor that isn't 2 stroke. The banshee in the U.S. is dead as far as new models go, and even if they did bring it back with a 4 stroke it just wouldn't be the same. Like the Dodge Charger. Sure it has the name, but other than that its nothing like the chargers of old. As far as I can see Banshee parts are still readily available, why not just keep putting your own together and let the Banshee stay the way its supposed to be, a bad ass 2 stroke.
  9. See my friend thinks that they don't like to be run real hard for long period of time and what not, I've ridden 4 strokes enough I think and I'd like to ride something different. Its got T5 pipes on it too, which I know are pretty good, anything I should look at on those? Keep the info coming, its great.
  10. Hey guys, I'm looking at trading my stock 2005 predator for a 2004 Banshee. It is the white with red frame. It has T5s and a K&N filter. First of all what do I need to look for when looking at buying a used banshee? I have no idea, I've never really done anything 2 stroke so please help me out. Also how is riding a 2 stroke going to differ from a 4 stroke. I have a few friends who are telling me I won't like it and it will be way different, but I don't know what all the downsides and upsides would be. And finally if I do buy it, what are some nice things to have around to make owning a ban
  11. Are dodges double-din or single-din, if possible, I'd do a double, because the flip out ones break easier. Check this one out in a Ford super duty. http://photos.thedieselstop.com/showphoto....&thecat=500
  12. I agree about the #1 important thing in buying a truck being the motor, but if your going to be spending +/- $40,000 don't you want to be able to feel comfortable inside, not just have a bulletproof motor with a hit and miss transmission. Again I'm not saying the Dodges are complete crap, or the Ford is king shit, but to me all around the new Super Duty is the winner. Although a Super Duty with a Cummins and an Allison would have to be my dream truck.
  13. First of all Navistar owns International, International makes the motor. Ford owned a SMALL portion of Cummins in like, the 80s, and sold that portion back. There is many good 6.0 powerstroke stories, the 05s and newer have hardly any problems. The cummins is the motor to have, but they don't have a good tranny, and the fit and finish of Dodge just isn't up to bar. Chevrolet is also nice, but the new body style reminds me of a Nissan. Wait a few months for the Cummins 6.7 and Powerstroke 6.4 to prove themselves and then decide, but I'd still say the best all around truck is the Ford.
  14. About the whole Matt Smiley issue, the year before this one he was #1 on a predator. And as far as the whole Outlaw 525 VS. Renegade goes, how can anyone make even a little judgement on this when neither of them have been OFFICIALLY released. Sure someone might rode a prototype but prototypes and production models are hardly ever the same. I think the renegade is a cool idea and I think the Outlaw 525 is a cool idea, but I'm not going to get in a pissing match with anyone about what has the most horsepower, or what handles the best, when neither of them have even been released. If someone want
  15. LoL yah I go to that site too and I think that guy is on drugs, or he is joking, I mean, come on what the heck is that.
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