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  1. Snopczynski

    421 Serval Pipe test

  2. Snopczynski

    421 Serval Pipe test

  3. Snopczynski

    Chariot 2:1 help...

    Sort of, the single carb had a better torque curve down very low, but it wasn't worth the loss it had through the mid range and top end.
  4. Snopczynski

    Ditch or keep the Dynoport 2 in 1 exhaust

  5. Snopczynski

    Ditch or keep the Dynoport 2 in 1 exhaust

    Start off by ditching the pipe, going to a good set of twin mid pipes will benefit the most for the bucks spent. After that if your not satisified, make the next step.
  6. Snopczynski

    45 teeth in rear

    You guys have been taken over by 2 into 1 threads?
  7. Snopczynski

    45 teeth in rear

    So much Anger in the HQ now.
  8. Snopczynski

    421 serval dyno unported vs ported

    elevation, and durations can play a factor in the compression.
  9. Snopczynski

    421 serval dyno unported vs ported

    In all this of this thread, does it say anywhere what jeff changed for this ported to unported difference you saw? Did he raise the exhaust, etc.........? Did he clarify to you what he played with per say?
  10. Snopczynski


    I know Clarkson had to have something to do with that tag.
  11. Snopczynski

    421 Serval Pipe test

    My temper has no where near been raised. It is hard for me to remember what graphs were what. We did that testing over a year ago, and I have not done anything to look at or go over that stuff since last may or so. I have no problem recognizing my mistakes and admitting them, thats why I owned up to it. I found all the labels for the graphs now, so everything is accurate. Sorry I had that graph wrong.
  12. Snopczynski

    421 Serval Pipe test

    The first thing you do when you dont believe something you see on dyno testing is to disprove the dyno, the operator, etc...... It doesn't really matter about any of the info you want. The guy doesn't care about pro circuits, he builds drag bikes and could give a rats ass what pro circuits do on his dyno. He just tested the motor because we asked if we could bring the bike in and test it. The fact is, the pro circuits beat the other pipes when tested on the SAME dyno, the SAME day, on the SAME motor, under the SAME conditions, with all the SAME correction factors ran for each test. Sorry, I am not playing games with you. Like i said, if you don't know who rooster built is, it doesn't really matter. Who cares if you know him or not, he had no stake in this and doesn't care about Servals, Pro circuits, sheares, snipers, Rockets, Trinity pipes, CPi's, etc...... Her just tested the motor and that was it. He doesn't make or manufacturer anything, he just tested it. The thing you guys are failing to notice is this: If there is a better pipe or part for something, people will push it, and who listens to them will buy it. Pro circuit doesn't care about any of this, and I don't really care either as I don't even ride anymore. However, the evidence is all here on what we found, and if you guys want to disregard it or dispute it, I dont give a shit. Go ahead and buy or run whatever you like. No one is going to live, die, flounder, or benefit from it. If anything, I would think that anyone who is in their right mind would trust information that comes from someone who is in a situation not to gain anything from the test results they show or obtain. Think about it............ What does 2strokespirit, 05stroker, or even me have to gain from the testing we did? Do any of us manufacturer pipes............NO! 05stroker and I don't even own banshees anymore. I don't even ride anymore. I just wrench on banshees and put go fast parts on them. I am only going to use the parts that I think will benefit the customer or that the customer ASKS me to put on. None of this Matters, we don't have anything to gain by liking pro circuits. 05stroker even told me before we tested the bike he was going to run the pipe that made the most low-mid power, and he thought he was going to be selling his pro circuits and buying the CPI's. He ended up keeping the pro circuits after we got the results back. How would it benefit him to try and fix the test results in favor of the pro curcuits if one of the other pipes actually did better? If you were on a quest for the most power, wouldn't you do the testing and buy or run the pipes that did the best? It isn't like we came back from the dyno testing, posted the pro circuit results, and then he bought cpi's. Think about it! None of this is our stuff, why does it matter if we prove it or not?
  13. Snopczynski

    421 Serval Pipe test

    Thats a PC chart with 296's, the pc's with 304's and the CPI's were close to 80 hp as well. You can't compare dyno to dyno, you have to compare run to run on the same dyno, same day. With these mystical projections and opinions you have provided, you should know that. If you don't know who Rooster is, then I don't know what to tell you.
  14. Snopczynski

    421 Serval Pipe test

    We already did it. 05stroker's motor broke 80hp, and he rode it. Awesome thing about it, he ran it on pump gas.
  15. Snopczynski

    421 Serval Pipe test

    Here is everything I had in my photobucket. With the Labels they had on them. The lower number runs are loaded. The higher number runs are unloaded. Run 19 pc's with 296's, Run 23 pc's with 304, Run 26 cpi, Run 28 trinity (all loaded) 3 Pc runs unloaded with 296's (unloaded) Trinity (loaded) CPI (loaded) Pro circuit 304's (loaded) Pro circuit 296's (loaded) Run 28 trinity, Run 26 CPI, Run 23 PC with 304, Run 19 Pc's with 296 (all loaded)