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  1. Just like title says. These are for straight spindles.They're in good condition. Could use a good cleaning and polish. Tires are in great shape. One tire it looks like skat trak got a little crazy with the shaving. Its got a small section where it's shaved a bit thin. Nothing i did. 350 shipped
  2. Sold the covers. I believe it was a chariot. I know it was a steel shaft
  3. 215 shipped ea. Stator cover is 3 pieces with bearing support and was polished. Needs a freshen up. Clutch cover is a polished direct drive and will come with a billet impeller. Prices are shipped u.s.
  4. I also got clean cases, 1-5 trans with bearing mod, hillshooter rear shaw, 39 pwk with billet bowls, billet intakes ,chariot cages, cdi, coil, stators, idler gear with bushing mod. Just about anything you see in a pic is for sale. I'll post prices on some of the other stuff that's not listed or pictured as soon as I can.
  5. Thanks John. I'm on the road and just starting to get better reception
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