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  1. he's def right good set of pipes they sound sick in person. bump for you bro
  2. Nice, I was act up around tughill area looking for land bout 2 months ago.. 3-6 foot damn man.. I'll hit you up soon bro.. be safe..
  3. what up jt.. Have fun bro i'll do the next one with you lol..doing little sahara in oct but I wanna do glamis again with you..gettin much snow up state? any good sledding going on? bring out the deep snow sled switchback..
  4. haha im dumb.. i didnt read i was just looking it over I see what you mean.. ok kool that works..
  5. they fixed it loco.. Think I will res 140 tryed 144 but wont work? plus I just read we cant have camp fires huh =/
  6. lol..tru.. I think next weekend im going to book the site.. anyone bring firewood? If not I can prolly bring a few cords of wood... you guys good with some bud? I'll prolly bring 2 kegs..
  7. Hope you guys run out of gas with that 2 1/2 hour drive.. ass holes lol
  8. damn yeah? If i did it in around that time thats fine with me to be honest.. Just 2-3 days of driving i couldnt do..
  9. Yeah a little bit of a trip.. I got another guy to go with me plus if I had one more person I would have 3 people to drive.. Trying to do this with a straight drive.. Shouldnt be bad.. Brother made it to iowa in 13 1/2 hours lol iowa pulling a trailer doing 70 hoping to make it a 18-22 hour drive lol..
  10. We can prolly work something out.. I'll be driving back to NY.. If anything I'll leave a seat open for you for the way back.. send me a text 631-466-1340
  11. Im down, When I went on the site 143 is still open didnt someone already take that? Anyways im down i'll book my site and everything. Also Im coming from NY so if anyone wants to ride I can prolly bring 1-2 other people.. I'll have a 28 foot enclosed trailer so plenty of room.. Just gotta help pay for diesel.. So far its 2 quads and i hope to bring a 2 seater rail with a busa enging in it lol.. I did a HQ in cali didnt turn out well but met some cool people..Should be a good time..
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