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  1. superfastyfz450driver

    25x12-9 14 paddle extremes 81 ro

    Are they still available
  2. superfastyfz450driver

    4 mil yfz-shee build

    I reshimmed mine ahead but my A arms had heim joints at all frame pivot connections
  3. superfastyfz450driver

    Drag parts for sale

    Pictures of engine parts to 613-577-2407
  4. superfastyfz450driver

    Ice setup and gearing

    14-38 gearing. 18" Cheng shin rears Lots of grooving and snow evacuation. Could power thru the snow in the high line and was deadly fast in the groove. Need richer needles in the midrange though.
  5. superfastyfz450driver

    Few parts for sale

    Honestly don't know. Would have to buy sleeves from Vito's
  6. superfastyfz450driver

    421 Cub

    What is a realistic price your looking for
  7. superfastyfz450driver

    Few parts for sale

    Vito mono block cylinder and head. 150 plus shipping. Obo Wiseco 66.5mm Pistons 75$ for the pair. Obo. Plus shipping Wiseco 65 mm piston. 35$ obo plus shipping
  8. superfastyfz450driver

    My hybrid.

    I like the pipes on the left. Doesn't seem to bother me leaning. And keeps the weight in the left where I want it
  9. superfastyfz450driver

    My hybrid.

    Built it so that I can use either the oof pipes or inframes. Only requires a radiator swap
  10. superfastyfz450driver

    need cpi small bore expansion chamber

    I have a set. How much would you offer
  11. superfastyfz450driver

    My hybrid.

  12. superfastyfz450driver

    My hybrid.

  13. superfastyfz450driver

    My hybrid.

    Here's a video. Brighton , Ontario. 1/3rd mile ice oval
  14. superfastyfz450driver

    Just finished my yfshee

    Might want to try it for a while first and see if those welds will hold. Very nice job on the pipes though
  15. superfastyfz450driver

    My hybrid.

    So far bike ran great the couple times I've used it this summer. Never thru a chain but was having ratcheting issues. With a chariot auto tensioner system fabbed up no more issues. Going to my first ice race with it this year this weekend. Should have a video for you guys. Going to have to cover up the radiator some to get proper operating temps.