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  1. mxturd

    Ims folding shift lever New

    Is it black or chrome
  2. mxturd

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

  3. mxturd

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    We've had a tiger cat for a couple years. Love it, but just picked up a Gravely pro turn 460. Can't wait to get it out for the year. Our new gravely has air ride and a fuel injected Yamaha motor
  4. mxturd

    Ims folding shifter

    I have a honda style throttle, message me your number and I'll send you some pics
  5. mxturd

    BansheeHQ Official Live Thread!

    Is that a scag cheetah in the back?
  6. mxturd

    Terry Cable Throttle Cable

    On the very top at the thumb throttle
  7. mxturd

    Lsr front hubs

    Does it need seals on the back side?
  8. Anyone have any experience with these? I can't get the throttle to open all the way with it installed. Do I need a nut on the threaded part of the cable that goes on the carb cap? Any suggestions would be appreciated
  9. Chrome spindles in good shape. $75 shipped. Can't upload pics from my phone it says the file is to big. Text 573-337-1245 for pics
  10. mxturd

    Broke needle jet

    So when I was cleaning my carbs somehow I broke my needle on my 33mm pwk's. Should I just get the same needle which is a cgl or get a different one. Thanks
  11. mxturd

    Trans oil

    Thanks, I'm gonna give it a try
  12. mxturd

    Trans oil

    Ok so I went with the atf, and now I decided to go a different route. Do I need to replace the clutch plates when switching oil, or just change it? Thanks
  13. mxturd

    Lubing cables

    I have the motion pro lube tool, just looking for a product that stays put and makes the cable last