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  1. Thank joey83 for for the fast shipping and giving the tracking numbers. Will do business again
  2. RedMonKey

    New Gator Seat

    bad ass! now u need the gator boots!
  3. Port Job was done be flotekperformance its a aggressive Trail Style port job for all around fun.
  4. RedMonKey


    I got some right now!
  5. Everything is still for sale Pipes,head, Cylinders.......
  6. I received the pm an put up new photos for ya you can see the crack better now along with sum burn plastic on the inside of the pipe
  7. pictures for all of the stuff im selling! there's some mud on the pipes i will clean them better when sold.
  8. I have a set of Toomey T5's for sale, Chrome is good on pipes one silencer tube is has bluing, one pipe hanger is cracked but still works can be welded $225 obo. Stock milled head for pump gas $35 Ported stock cylinders for stock stroke by flotekperformance they will need to be bored for the first time ever, so they have tons of life in them $250. IM me your email for pic thx
  9. RedMonKey

    video on how to PORT your cylinders!

    Rick Rolled again!!!!!!!!!!! Happens alot when trying to get a peek at some tits on youtube!
  10. t5's for sale$250.00