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  1. chase@miamiatv.com

    Having the Center clutch adjustment backing out on me 2nd time

    This is not the same quad as last months clutch issue .
  2. Everythings been great for 20 hours on the banshee , First time clutch lever went completely out on a pass .... i opend it up and found the adjustment screw like this ... ....... Found a washer and another nut in the clutch cover crannies ....... I put the washer on , adjusted it normally , put the outer nut on ... tightend it , closed motor ......... Everything worked better then before , 4 passes later ..... back to same problem....... going to get the pancake bearing now , but is there anything else i should look for causing this ? do i need to locktight the outer nut from coming out of adjustment ? welded ball ? Do the pancake bearings require the ball ?
  3. chase@miamiatv.com

    tranny or clutch problem

    200 ft sorry not 300........ yes 200 ft. Bikes still on the truck , will ethier tear into it late tuesday night , or drop it off at todds.. anyhow appreciate the clutch support. Thanks.
  4. chase@miamiatv.com

    tranny or clutch problem

    when i tear into it we shall see..... is it possible that center screw on the clutch could of pushed in some how or screwed in some how.... beyond adjustable. idk......... bike goes into gear but doesnt go anywhere ........ its so aggrivating sounds good.. going to drop it off at my mechanich since i have to work alot this week and want to be sound for the races....... ran a 2.90 / 3.21 last time 200ft dirt... did some changes and really want to see what it does..... if not i would do the work myself.. its not a override.... major races coming in march down here...... EDITEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  5. chase@miamiatv.com

    tranny or clutch problem

    Bike starts right up , sounds awesome....... go to put it into gear and the tranny clicks like it goes into gear , but the atv goes no ware...( all gears are easily shiftable like normal ) just doesnt go... It was working fine prior to some 6th gear redlining with paddles .... I just re did the clutch and this was the second ride on it . Im thinking i over torqued the clutch plates/springs since i had a faulty torque wrench ? or should i plan to split the cases........ to me it seems like the bikes in neutral no matter what.
  6. I need new head nuts all around ( on a cool head ) and do i need to run washers ? aswell i need all new head cylinder nuts..... Do i go with Oem , ebay specials , ace hardware .... ?
  7. chase@miamiatv.com


    We should make a Florida Riders 2015-2016 post
  8. chase@miamiatv.com

    Need Some General 4 poke mechanical input... Trying to diagnose

    Problem diagnosed ....... carburetor must of been leaned out on the pilot jet ......... because i took off the air box , and the bike ran awesome again .
  9. chase@miamiatv.com

    Need Some General 4 poke mechanical input... Trying to diagnose

    Im going to rip it apart tomoro and make sure i installed the carb boot right.
  10. chase@miamiatv.com

    Need Some General 4 poke mechanical input... Trying to diagnose

    i searched for hours on youtube to find a identical problem , and of course not enough comments on it to determine what it is....... In a nut shell my bike is doing IDENTICALLY this ........
  11. chase@miamiatv.com


    i found a dirt drag track down in port st lucie ........ they run on saturday nights
  12. chase@miamiatv.com


    WOAHHHHHHHHHHH shane !!!!!!!!!!!! holy smokes !
  13. chase@miamiatv.com

    Hey boys. Been blessed with a new addition.

    Congratulations you both...... Staying on track is the key thing . I been a major looser in my past myself ....... I live for life now. With the ups and downs i was in for the past 5 years..... Its not about me anymore... its about the family ........ and banshees .... =-) Stay strong !
  14. 2000 warrior 350x with just fmf power core. Stock original tires ( 15 years old ) . I just purchased this quad , it needed to have the carburetor boot replaced from being cracked.... after i fixed the carb boot last night , i started the bike up ( fully charged ) ....Bike sounded Great last night...... Let it idle no problems , rev no problems...... sounded awesome was excited..... about 5 minutes into the idle , i heard a wierd noise down by the starter... i put my head down theyre really close and could hear almost like a bearing going bad kinda ( not very loud ) ... Today. i goto start it , and it starts rather slow ( like a starter ) , fires up..... revs but then almost makes a arching or loud noise CLICK noise down by the starter ( not the clicking noise you normally hear from the rear solenoid when battery is low ) Its clearly not coming from the heads , and the noise doesnt increase when i rev it... Could this be my starter going bad ? Starter solenoid shorting out ? starter staying in gear ????? ... If i wanted to trouble shoot this , could i just disconnect the starter power wire...... push start the bike , and see if its giving me the issue ? Could it be the one way ? Sorry for this being posted about a non banshee related atv , it is a yamaha though .
  15. chase@miamiatv.com

    Banshee stud issues ..... what do i do ? who or how can i fix it.

    give me a week to rip the jugs off , im fine with waiting a month or two to get the cylinder done. ( this is my drag quad ) Ill pm you in a week or so. Thanks so much ....... I have 4 atvs right now ....... two banshees and 2 warriors. both warriors are 2002 original tires , titled bikes . with probly 15 hours on each bike ... the person i bought them off of , would take them to the shop to change the battery , thats how bad these people should not of owned a atv. I use them to get into the woods and hang out. Theyre great bikes to trail ride ... Gives my dad or a friend a extra bike to ride , and makes for easy towing of the drag banshee , everytime it breaks lol... I bought both bikes for a grand total of 2500 .... Theyre worth keeping to toy around....... Thats why im not in a hurry and i woulnt want to rush you EVER ! if your doing the work .... Nothing good ever comes out of people in a rush. Patience pays off ! Ill contact you in a week or so and we can go from there........ Thanks again , i really appreciate this.