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  1. PantiK

    Seat covers?

    Yea, I got him on my FB. Never met him in person. He’s southern Ontario I believe. That’s what I’m leaning towards. Dirt oval racing. Expensive hobby (travelling).
  2. PantiK

    Seat covers?

    Near belleville.
  3. PantiK

    Seat covers?

    Yea, the guys from cascade seats is gonna hook me up. Pumped now
  4. PantiK

    Seat covers?

    Soooo. Just learned sometime today. Cascade innovations divided up. 1. Hardware parts. 2. Seat covers. Cascade innovations hardware was sold to top dogg. The original owners of cascade innovations went on to just the seat covers. I was thinking and talking to top dogg owners. Misunderstood about the cascade seat covers group. My bad folks.
  5. PantiK

    Seat covers?

    I live in Ontario. I was there for work.
  6. PantiK

    Seat covers?

    Hey. Are they different then cascade innovations? Looks similar. Just sent them a message. How many cascades are there???
  7. PantiK

    Seat covers?

    This happened very recent. He told me he doesn’t make seats just to sell He requires the seat assembly now I was there hoping to order or buy one No dice I was there last week
  8. PantiK

    Seat covers?

    Brother, u need to check yourself. Cascade was sold to Topp Dogg. They no longer just make seat covers for shipment. I know this because I visited their business and talked to the owner in person in Oregon. Portland. Wtf more do u want
  9. PantiK

    Seat covers?

    A lot of these places require the seat assembly.
  10. PantiK

    Seat covers?

    Hey, anyone know of a spot where I can order seat covers without shipping my seat? Seems I can’t find anything.
  11. PantiK

    new banshee? T/F?

    really tho? think yamaha is doin somethin like that?
  12. here is an article i just read, i don't know when it was posted or how true it is....but it seemed pretty interesting. Thinking of making a new banshee with a Phazer 500 engine.....whats the word on that? http://www.atvsport.com/output.cfm?id=1213183 -Joe
  13. PantiK

    best ball joints?

    can anyone help me??? direct me to a webpage or something please.
  14. PantiK

    best ball joints?

    i need new ball joints for my aftermarket a-arms....i dont know exactly what brand name the a-arms are b/c i bought them used from a guy who bought his banshee used... i was told they are ACR or whatever...not 100% sure. BUT, i need new ball joints and i dont know where to get them and what exactly is the best kind. the thread is 16mm x 1.5. i'm here in nova scotia canada. thx -Joe
  15. PantiK

    more low end

    i thought like a 2 into 1 exhaust, or a 2 into 1 intake would give more bottom end??? i think, even for a stock shee, a boost bottle will give you a little bit better throttle response. other then something like that....yea...porting!