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  1. Gusto's correct My son and I did a bunch of reed testing including some for HQ Sponsor FAST Racing Nothing ET'd faster on our asphalt Banshee's than V-Force II's That only applies to WOT operation. On our stock stroke/unported cylinders with only bolt ons and ported 4mil Serval the V-Force 4's are the way to go. They give up a little on top end but low and mid range stomped all over the 2's.
  2. Check this thread. Max Bore Size? - Banshee Repairs and Mods - Banshee HQ Forums My wifes drag ported OEM cylinders were @ 65mm - Had zero issues and still room to go if ever needed. *** By the way - This is the For Sale section not ISO/Wanted thread
  3. Should use a retainer there. An old school "upgrade" on higher HP setups is to use 2 retainers. HQ sponsor F.A.S.T. Racing offers a full bearing clip option also but I prefer the two clip method.
  4. As you raise the clip it drops the needle into the main jet which leans it. The site has some great reads on jetting: What Is Jetting - A Great How-to Article. - Jetting & Exhaust Forum - Banshee HQ Forums Banshee Jetting FAQ (dfn.com)
  5. Looking for in or out of frame?
  6. Maybe a light rub with a scotch pad could rejuvenate those steels
  7. Interesting, I've had clutches "stuck" to the point that the only way I could separate them was to slide the plates apart but yours look as though the fibers had adhered into the surface of the steels. What oil and how long had the bike sat?
  8. Dang, I'm not messing with pictures - We're old timers here. Look at my old post's and the good/bad sellers feedback if you question my character. I recently posted what a pita it was for me to post pictures. All of my HQ pics - General Banshee Discussion - Banshee HQ Forums I rarely sell anything and one of the main reasons is because with all the screwing around with pictures and the typical 20 questions it just isn't worth it to me. Since you were a long time HQ member (we've even had some pm's) I thought I'd step up to help you with what you were looking for and here I am s
  9. Back in the day I had a little Nash Rambler with that problem
  10. Bought two covers a long time ago because I liked the dimpled top surface over my plain ones but after all these years I decided I wasn't ever going to mess with them so I gave one to my son. If you'd like the other I'll take what I paid for it $35.00 plus shipping *you cover the paypal fee's* It look's like this but the letters are silver and mine comes with free dust from sitting in my basement: New OEM Yamaha Banshee Black Complete Seat Assembly | eBay
  11. Plugs backing out is always an indication of detonation and will likely lead to motor damage if the problems not corrected.
  12. Looking for a Mindbender Motorsports fuel tank
  13. Do yourself a favor and stick with OEM.
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