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  1. Definitely go with the 521. I assume you’ll be in some of the sand? Those dunes are massive. The 521 Serval will have gobs of torque. My buddy has a 521 serval on a stock length swing arm. I had my 535 cheetah on a -2 swing arm. Are you only planning on being in the sand out there or running some of that red hard pack in the trails?
  2. Been to long... Here’s some quarantine junk I did. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. They used to be a big MX parts builder in the 90’s. Pretty sure they went under early 2000’s. Nice quality stuff. Glad you snatched that up from Rob so I didn’t spend money on it just to put it on a shelf.
  4. Stock cyls can definitely be ported to make a really usable 80hp with a 4mm stroker crank. That build would have plenty enough torque to help get the rear track going. That set up would be the cheapest power you could get with out any crazy machine work. If you insist on needing more power and going with an aftermarket cylinder, avoid the Athena stuff. They need a bit of machine work to be sorted out properly, where as the Driveline and CP Industries cylinders can be bolted on and make good reliable power. Then if you want more, they can be ported and make even more power.
  5. That’s fuckin’ tits! Things are pretty rotarted next door. The neighbor kid would be equal parts pissed and impressed about ditching the Dorito power plant. So long as it’s not another LS Swap... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. You are suffering the same fate many drag racers do. You send the piston to 9-10k rpm and the carb is wide open sending fuel and oil to the piston and it’s happy feeding off wide open throttle. Low you let out and the motor is still in the upper RPM’s while you’ve closed the throttle and forced the piston to starve. That piston is still up around 8,500-9,000rpm and all it’s got feeding it after getting hot is the lonely ol’ pilot jet. You need to fatten up the pilot to accommodate and possibly change some of your riding habits. You really have to make sure that the bike is fed in the rpm’s eve
  7. Most definitely. I’d imagine it taking off free revving pretty easily with that circuit wide open.
  8. 32:1 Blendzall. If you don’t have Blendzall, find any other performance castor bean oil. Castor927 is a pretty good one. Mix with fresh 110. If you’re buying from the Sunoco gas pump, make sure it’s a place with high turnover so the fuel is fresh. 9 range plug is just the heat range on plugs. Typically guys have an 8 heat range plug in them like B8es or BR8es. A 9 range plug is a cooler burning plug.
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