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  1. Just like the description says. These measurements are with nuts removed so this is the shortest adjustment. In great working condition. $275 shipped for the fronts, $175 shipped for the rear. Will sell as a package for $425 shipped. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Anyone that thinks 150 returned for good polish job on a stock set of jugs has not spent any time on this process.
  3. Sold! Thanks for all the interest and the good words from my peops! JT, spindle mounts are available if you want them. I will be listing a lot of other goodies for sale soon.
  4. What's up fellas! JT, I can't complain a bit buddy. Toys changed on me a little...just bought a house on a Lake I grew up partying on, gonna get a boat and enjoy that scene for a while. Will still make it to the dunes a few times a year so I will look you guys up and try and hook up. I am going to give it just a little bit JT, but you will have first whack at the spindle mounts if I part it.
  5. Up. I know this is the end of build season but not a question one about parting or anything? I thought I might at least get interest on a trade for a boat.
  6. Things are great JD! Just bought a house on the lake here in Battle Creek. Changing out the toys for a while....change of scenery. I will never stop going to the dunes though.....still plan to have a place up there someday. Hope things are great for you also my friend!
  7. Powder coat is in great shape. Mud and dirt on frame and wheelie bar from last trip to the track, I will clean them up.
  8. Ok, so I am a little rusty. Having a hard time posting pics...says file too large. Can anyone help?
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