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  1. thats hillarious states its a usa made one not a cheap china copy...
  2. sent PM Dt38K if anyone knows who this is please message me so i can contact them.
  3. full length star OEM spring, OPTIONAL roller bearing detent.. only way i would run it.
  4. really depends on the pipe. some " bigs and small" are just a different stinger size. others are very different pipes..
  5. the stingers on t6 are different they have beeter fit and better mounting so they wont fall off as easily as the T5 most porting just dosent work with a t6. they need a very specific port to really work right...
  6. most likely the only pipes i have ever just center mounted were FMF SST but i had to make a 2-1 air filter setup and of course move all the rear cdi stuff.. i think i have some shear center mount stingers? its just the tubes.. also think i have a set of tabs JD used to make for mounting..
  7. tri-z reed gaskets i mostly use import grey on my intakes these days seals up really nice. chariot has an intake that fits them nicely same intake thats used for the 2-1 intake. yes the back part..
  8. dont solid mount after its fixed make sure there is plenty of flew in the mounts like OEM
  9. leave it stock gearing get some sand star rear's. go ride
  10. swap silencers left and right make a mount for them where you want them to sit. get out your tools and skillz and do it. might take a few tries but that the way "custom" stuff is done. trial and error.
  11. for the mosty part yea.. funny thing is this bike is the only one that runs right now stock ish motor in it also
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