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  1. Dunes and paddles you may want a 13 front depending on your set up. Get a chain for the 14 and keep a link for gearing swaps.
  2. Blacks are fine. It's the extremes or black and red I think. Stay away from those. You need a 4x4 and winch for some of them. 6ply tires and fuel. Carry premix as well. You can get fuel at man and Gilbert. I plan on hitting them everytime to fill up for the return. Usually a good 70 mile round trip day.
  3. Back the bolts out past the split. Put a penny in the split and snug the bolt up again the penny to separate the hub just a bit. Remove. That's brilliant. Thank you.
  4. Any tips on how to take an un anodized jja axle apart. All the hubs seem stuck.
  5. My trail bike is a 10 cub on race gas. Didn't cut any corners on parts though. Billet crank welded.
  6. I think its so you can run more stockish sized gears on a big powered motor with the other ratios. Theres not much room for a 18+ tooth up front on these asphalt draggers and fast bikes.
  7. What size pods you running. I have a ported 10mm by red line. I was running 6 inch last year and have now purchased some 8s with 20 degree bend. My issue is they either rub the frame with no reed spacers or they hit the shearer stinger tubes with the spacers. On a side note im making a make shift enclosure to aide in shielding mud and water. I wanna try the 6s with the 7 degree bend. What do you think and what do you run. I don't want to choke the motor out but I could used the extra room. Carbs are pwk 39. Also I'm running vf4 are you guys running the stuffers in. I have ported them t
  8. Cheap. Drill out the holes on the stock plate 4 mm and turn the plate. No need for a adjustable plate. That equals +4 timing. It's free. Have stock head milled. Should be about $50 that will make it about 20cc. I did both when I was on a budget and it was well worth it.
  9. Ran itp Baja's for years. They were nice. Only downfall was the inner edge of the ring could sever your hand when cleaning and polishing them. Switched to hipers because I wanted black that wouldn't scratch or need touched up since I trail ride and hit rocks like crazy. Love the hipers but they are really heavy.
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