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  1. Really like the way you broomed the opposite direction at the pool stairs! 👌
  2. NIICE! Its 11* here today with the windchill I canceled 2 pours...😠
  3. Steel going up, slabs starting next week... What an ugly building!
  4. Thanks for the rundown. I certainly intended to adjust ride. What about sag, ride height and preload?
  5. I have racetech shocks front and rear. My a arms are +3 +1 with long travel shocks. What preload and rebound settings are a good base to start with? I do not know a lot about suspension and setups and I want to maximize the setup. This is the information Racetech provided. Thank you.. SRSK AYAYFZ3588F IANN483 IFP/rebound Sport +3/+1 IFP (Internal Floating Piston) shocks with rebound adjust. Setting as follows: US-1 oil 2.5 wt 100 psi N2 Reb: 25 clicks out Top spring: 5.3 kg/mm Main spring: 1.8 kg/mm Combined spring rate
  6. Than go find some place else to complain.
  7. We are FUCKED. Thats it.
  8. I am all about the older less complicated trucks! Nothing to delete here!! 😎
  9. That thing is compartmentalized to the balls!!!
  10. I have the matoon billet intake with the internal cross over, running with my 35mm pwks.
  11. I like the flying tips too, but i see them getting snagged especially when cleaning the bike.. My issue was the front brake mount right was landing right on the bend of the handlebar putting the lever at an extremely awkward position. I swapped out the 130mm grips for 120mm grips and I was able to move the throttle housing over which gave me just enough room to move the brake lever mount to a “normal” position!
  12. Ok i went ahead and cut them. I guess they are ok, too late now 😄! I cut the back “tips” on a angle as opposed to leaving them “flying” as a see many guys do. Also there are my CR bend dirtbike handle bars. I figured out my issue with the front brake lever!
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