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  1. This debate about 5's vs. 6's keeps on going on and on. I've read the majority of folks here say the same thing, day in day out...6 for bolt ons, 5 for porting, etc. Stuart Toomey himself will tell you the same.... However...I wish someone could post some dyno's with both.... If I were Toomey...I'd have some dyno's comparing the two. You really can't go wrong with a Toomey pipe, fit, finish, sound, look. I know, they do not produce the most peak power...but, I'd argue any day they are the best ALL AROUND pipe on the market...and a total value... Until I'm ready to go Big Carbs and make my shee a drag/duner only, I'm keeping my T5s even with the 4 mil cub setup I'm going to build....
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