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    I would like to talk about aluminum drag axles. I can read about them all day long on the internet, but it seems that this is one of the parts that personal experience mean just as much as manufacturer specifications and claims. We can either speak directly to my personal application or we can talk in general about the axles, it doesn't really matter to me. My application involves my recently purchased modified stock frame that I plan to do some hill shooting, a bit of 1st gear dune cruising (not fast and not overly rough), and I might campaign the bike around to a few sand drag events. With that said, here are the minimum discussion points that I would us like to cover: :woot: 1.)Who makes aluminum drag axles and where can you buy them? (JJ&A and Lonestar are the companies that I familiar with that actually make axles. I know Mod Quad sells the axles, but I am not sure if the make them. It seems many people put their names on the axles, but only a few are making them.) 2.)What are the different types of aluminum drag axles and what are their respective benefits? (Using JJ&A as an example, they make several drag axles for Banshees.) 3.)What are the maximum operating envelopes for each type of aluminum drag axle? (For example, how much power can they take? How hard can they be ridden before breaking? Etc.) 4.)How much do each of the drag axles cost? Also with this point, which axle is the best value and which axle is the cheapest? 5.)How much do the axles weigh? 6.)Are there any other things that one might need to know before choosing an aluminum drag axle or using an aluminum drag axle? 7.)Other than weight savings, what are the advantages of running an aluminum drag axle over an aftermarket steel axle?