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    August sunsets Sent from my LG-H873 using Tapatalk
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    Just arrived Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Oh i thought it was a cut... not your period Sent from my SM-A505U using Tapatalk
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    Hello, I recently got an engine from a pothead for about 800 bucks. The engine is stock, and it’s missing reeds, intake boots, spark plugs, clutch disks, and a kicker. I want to rebuild this engine and make it a sleeper. My main priority is reliability. I’m leaning towards a 421cub. But I’m one of those guys where I ride really hard, I’m full throttle in every gear. Therefore, I need a setup that’s conducive to my riding that won’t break down on me when I’m in the trails. I recently contacted HerrJuggs. Has anyone ever used them? What engine building company would you recommend?
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    fixed that Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    If Chinese toss em in the garbage can.
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    Ebay radiators are fine. Buy the cheapest. Quick search i found some for mid $60. They occasionally drop to around $45.
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    I’ve done all of my business with Larry from Fireball. I have their older gull wing style LT a-arms w/rebuildable ball joints. Setting up your camber and more importantly caster is kind of a pain in the ass, but doable with a $30 digital angle finder from harbor freight. Out of the box I had 10* of caster. Great for high speed stability, but absolute shit to turn the bike. I dialed in caster to 6* and now I can turn the bike on a dime. Another awesome aspect is they can set you up with tie rods that use the heavier duty Raptor 700 tie rod ends. The tie rod thread is a M10 rather than the Banshee M8. 19.25” is the length eye to eye. BVC Racing hooked me up with custom valved Elka Stage 5’s. Do I need Stage 5’s, hell no, but at the time they were the only Elka’s offered with the plastic spring guards. Anyway, $1,500 shipped from BVC Racing. MSRP is $1,800. I also have their +2+1 chromoly steering stem. And a +2 gusseted swing arm. All very top notch! FYI, Fireball makes a ton of suspension components for many different brands... https://app.photobucket.com/u/strm_trpr/p/9c31bbd9-86ae-49a8-9636-37ad570b8b75
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    Worked good and holds 7 psi for 7 minutes, thank you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    whats ya budget 4mm stock cylinders are more reliable than stock i ran one for years not an issue ... ever mine had CPI's and PWK33s with 155psi comp as as solid what pipes do you have ??
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    For a Shee??? Yes. Usually between 0.045" to 0.055" iirc. Envoyé de mon SM-N975W en utilisant Tapatalk
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    Been busy keepin da grazz mowed
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    Sorry...all i got Sent from my SM-A505U using Tapatalk
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    Relevant Sent from my SM-A505U using Tapatalk
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    Once I opened the box it was well worth it. Feb 2019 i contacted. And received a contact back. I reached out again when I was asked to. At that point added to the list. Reached back out last month. Was told I was on list. Got msg back within 2 weeks that they would be shipped. Very nice communication. Great packing. Offered tuning help. High quality product, suggested wd or glass cleaner to keep rust away. Great upgrade from the fmf on the stock stroke until the 4 mil arrives. Might just keep them in box until 4 mil shows up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tell us about the shocks your coworker has for you. Copy this message and send it to him. What brand and model/stage are the shocks? How long are the shocks eye to eye? What type of riding are they set up for? What weight rider are they set up for? When were they last serviced? An experienced ATV racer will be happy to tell you all of that info. If they shocks will not work with the fireball LT a-arms you may decide not to buy them. If you have to buy LT shocks because your coworker's shocks won't work for you then you may decide to go with a much cheaper standard travel package. Get the details on the shocks before buying a-arms.
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    Up Compression, better air filter / airbox mods, bump timing to 4゚, pipes, good tires, sprocket change to your liking... after that , you'll need to get port work done Sent from my SM-A505U using Tapatalk
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    Idle until pipes and cylinders feel “warm” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm a bit more conservative. Probably idle for a minute, then taking it easy until there a decent amount of heat in the radiator. I don't ride it hard until its upto operating temp.
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    Glutton for punishment. Variable speed bridgeport head. “Some assembly required” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Definitely different. Facebook has ruined a lot of things.
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    Besides possum giving out advice, ANY advice... This is the funniest shit I've ever read. Sent from my Nexus 10 using Tapatalk HD
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    Question: Just so I understand: Is this a hit and miss issue? Does it sometimes run fine with no missing and then all of a sudden start cutting out? You said it is at different points on the throttle, 1/4 throttle and up but then you say from 1/2 throttle down, thats pretty much everywhere all the time. Sounds like you have checked almost everything but there are a couple things missing from the list. First: Have you thrown a new set of plugs in the old girl? Second: Have you checked the stock carb boots for cracks or leaks? Third: Is your parking brake still connected? The parking break can be havock on you machine if it is adjusted to loose or too tight. Either way can cause the bike to sputter at different times. The plugs, had to ask. Carb boots for leaks, long shot but maybe. There are people on here who know the Banshee inside and out, most likely better than most dealer mechanics. Someone is going to have dealt with this before. Good luck. RJV
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    Nice! Life keeps getting in the way for the 12hr 820mi one way trek, but May of 2021 sounds like a plan! Summer of 2019 a childhood friend and longtime riding buddy was murdered. He was a CO at a prison and someone on the inside put a hit out on him! Fuckin tragic man! Anyway, let’s make this happen!
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk