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  2. automotive machinist usualy aint worth a fuk unless u stand there and hold their hand. anything besides a car block and they get dumbfounded
  3. Hey guys i gotta 94 banshee , im looking for 50 mm inside diameter flange pod filter, like the k@n ones. The carb that it needs to go on is a 28 mil pwk carb, i have asked every single company and have got zero answers, ive seen people run these out in Sahara, i know there out here somewhere. 48-52 mil inside diameter of a pod flange would fit, please guys give me some answers

  5. Thank you! I was under the understanding that it needed 12v to run the box. The correct box for a banshee is the DRL-300 cdi right?
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  7. ^^ This. I like mine. Well made, 4 bolts on to hold the carrier.0 Envoyé de mon SM-N975W en utilisant Tapatalk
  8. Typical for cold oil to act like that on a wet clutch. In addition to a grooved basket or other slightly worn components. Could simply be clutch adjustment also. That's why most newer bikes and aftermarket clutch levers have a "on the fly" adjustment for when the clutch and oil is hot or cold. Mostly, I say it is normal for it to have a little clutch creep, shouldn't kill it though. One of mine does it though, and I know it's not worn or out of adjustment, I just let it warm up a minute before taking off.
  9. Here... the dip switch ( Not to be confused with Skeeter ...that's a dipshit... And nothing will get done with one of those) settings for 2 cyl, 2stroke are there too! Run b+ through clutch switch and ground to 9v batt AND to a good frame ground Sent from my SM-A505U using Tapatalk
  10. Yes after it gets ridden for like 10 mins it’s good it does that after it sits for a couple week when we ride it after a couple weeks or month for like the first couple times I take off it does that
  11. Minnesoooooooota. I just called and the number is disconnected. He has a recent review on google though. Good luck!
  12. Haven't hooked mine up yet , but I believe Everybody is just using a 9 V
  13. Is it better after it is warmed up?
  14. Would like to know what everyone is using for a battery to power their limiter box? Is the drl-300cdi the proper box to use on a banshee? Any info would be great! Thank you
  15. Hey Everyone, just reaching out to see if anyone in AZ has talked with Jerry Hall from HPR in a while? I sent him my motor back 7/24/2020, and havent heard from him since.. Called, voicemails etc. Hoping he is OK! I'm up in MN, debating if I should fly down to see myself... Thanks, Jason
  16. Gusto's correct My son and I did a bunch of reed testing including some for HQ Sponsor FAST Racing Nothing ET'd faster on our asphalt Banshee's than V-Force II's That only applies to WOT operation. On our stock stroke/unported cylinders with only bolt ons and ported 4mil Serval the V-Force 4's are the way to go. They give up a little on top end but low and mid range stomped all over the 2's.
  17. When I ride my banshee I start it in neutral hold the clutch and kick it in first gear and it dies right when I put it in first the only way it stays on is if I press the gas and let off the clutch at the same time as me putting it in first if won’t stay on if I just kick it in first with the clutch held in what whould be the problem ?
  18. Freedom of speech bitchez... for now Sent from my SM-A505U using Tapatalk
  19. Flying out to inspect this package. 2006 F650 (pre-dpf, last year HEUI) Cat C7 330hp/860tq, pro-loader so rides on air. 2005 Arctic Fox, 2003 Optima Aluminum enclosed. All original owner. Few extra pesos in diesel each trip but not depreciating like a “fxxkin new truck”
  20. Blessed to be a part of the group! Appreciate the opportunity. As noted in the title, I am new here and this is my first post. I use to own a Banshee quite a few years back. It was an 06 SE. Unfortunately I was fairly young and I made the silly decision to sell it.. In the future, I would like to obtain another bike and do a complete re-build. I will share the full build process. I know that it is a long shot but I would like it to be the bike I previously owned. With that, I am seeking your help. Below, you will find a few pictures of the bike. I believe that it is pretty identifi
  21. Where dud you hear that Claude, new as of?
  22. Winner winner pot brownie dinner Sent from my SM-A505U using Tapatalk
  23. Help mines boggs low-end Fmf w/ power core 2 silencers, vf4s ,.040 (65mm piston),k&n power lid dominater 50:1 new factory carbs tops delete..70 at sea level
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