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  2. Nee Delta Airlines Terminal Taxi Stack LaGuardia Airport.. Raising up slab elevation.
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  4. Did 2 new parts today. Envoyé de mon SM-N975W en utilisant Tapatalk
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  6. each there own, i have rifles from my grandfather that he prob bought for 100bucks that wont see a day in the field any more. also have a few sub 600 dollar savages that i plan on passing down. then i have a few 1g firearms i run the shit out of and dont care. depends on how it fits in the heart i guess
  7. fuk the kids they can go buy their own guns haha. the browning i just got was $1100. frankly i could give a shit less how long it last. i figured 600-800 but maybe only 500. ill rebarell it or throw it in the scrap pile and buy something else. if it was a $10000 gun i might care alittle
  8. depends on the firearm, a poly pistol or ar15 then yes who cares. but when it Grand dads holy grail or a nice rifle you buy to pass down to kids then you care
  9. K&T are one of the very best in the business. Might as well port and get some more power.
  10. i never understood why people r so concearned with barrel life. we spend 5-10-15-20k on banshees, boats, side x sides, mountain bikes, welding machines, liquer, etc. whats it cost to rebarel a gun. $600 ? thats peanuts in comparison
  11. no i am not, the Nosler rounds are all over bore rounds. which in turn leads to short barrel life. if your hunting with it, which i assume you are as you said 600-800 rounds will be 20 yrs then it wont be an issue. as being a handloader my self, that round would be backed down a touch to save on powder and barrel life for target rounds. then match factory for hunting rounds, also you really cant make that round much "hotter". as the factory load pretty much has it at the max operating psi that brass can handle. 65,000psi is about the safe max, most all magnum rifle max out around there. 70,000
  12. here it is finished up fellers. if i get runned over unexpected by a bus ill donate it to bhq
  13. i think you been reading the internet to much lol. no you wont get 2000 rounds out of it but if it goes 600-800 that will be 20yrs worth of use for me. at that point i could careless if its burned out. alot of guys are reloading their own stuff but they go super hot and burn up the barell real fast then go on gun forums talking crap on the noslers but its their own fault
  14. LETS GOOOOO Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Im getting ready to seal my cases back together and have a tube of yamabond 6b will that work or should i get yamabond 4 any insight will be appreciated thanks kevin
  16. that's aesthetically horrible bruh, dont you like this dude? lol
  17. no, your eurotrash funny steering flop of a quad has nothing to do with the Banshee...did you really spell can't CARNT? Gas Gas toucher poofterboy
  18. Can anybody help me here looking for the long end can on the gas gas wild 300 , I’m sure it’s a yoshimura but carnt find anywhere
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