BansheeHQ member David Mattocks takes 3rd place at the Sandlot Off-Road Park MX race!

Long time BansheeHQ member David Mattocks (DDQ to those who know him well) took 3rd place at the first MX race hosted by the Sandlot Off-Road Park in Punta Gorda, FL!

David rides a Banshee decked out for massive jumps and can frequently be seen working on his Banshee and taking shots of random types of liquor. He also doesn’t skip leg day. He also attends all of the BansheeHQ rides at Little Sahara, OK.

The Sandlot Off-Road Park is owned by BansheeHQ member Max Vega Sanz, who recently purchased the property and has turned it into an excellent spot for all types of off road vehicles.

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