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Wrong Jetting?

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When im Crusing down a road in high 4th it seems like when I shift to 5th it doesnt have any power. If i give it more throttle it doesnt seem to want to do anything just hang there. Im thinking its most likey a jetting issue, but im not good with tuning so i need a liitle help.


Heres some info


1) What type of aftermarket exhaust do you have? -Toomey T5's


2) What type of airfilter do you have? -Tommey 2 stage filter


3) Are you a)running a stock airbox with lid stock airbox with NO lid c) Stock airbox with vents d) no airbox at all - No lid with 6 vents


4) What is your elevation? (If you don't know, go here: ) 823 FT


5) What size pilot jets are you using? -27.5


6) What size main jets are you using? -300


7) What temperature is your Banshee jetted for? Fuck if i know


8) Do you have a port job? -No


9) What kind of carbs? -Stock


10) What size carbs? -stock

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you may be rich im at 250 main 25 pliot was jetted for 60 F at 1000 feet. no air box ,open filter, no engine work. and fmf gold pipes. and it was perfect mabey a tad rich.

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