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Banshee Wont Shift (work in progress)

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Okay, got my new carbs slapped on and think i've got most everything dialed in.. Went for a spin and tried to shift into third and she wouldn't go! Came back to the shop and started poking around.


Ended up pulling the clutch cover / clutch basket and found this:




So i'm off to buy a new gasket, locking washer & this screw in a few minutes..

Is there anything else I should do while im in here!?


I have some more pics located here:

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HAHA...shit, see i told you last night it would be something so simple man. Make sure you blue lock tight that stupid sum bitch screw in the shift star real good..


But now that i look closer, your missing the shift star pin, that lil sucker is really tiny so try and find it laying in the oil or where ever, you really Need that lil guy..



It goes in that lil hole in the shift star.


Heres a couple pics of one of mine..








Remember to do that like trick with the gasket/s man so you can reuse them a few times.



Also since your star and shift shaft is out, you should mod them for smoother shifting...very easy and takes a 1/2 hour or so.


Good luck :cheers:

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